About Izivote

Izivote enables you setup votes and polls. Unlike several polling tools available, Izivote is one application that focuses on voting for awards but still supports generic polls.

Izivote, includes several features which makes voting a pleasant experience both for the creator and anyone who votes.

Features which allow for the pictures of the nominees to be uploaded alongside their names and other relevant information (this makes it easy for voters to identify and vote for their choice). Results can be viewed in various ways on our easy to use dashboard.

Users also have the ability to set the start and end dates of the voting poll as desired and we automate the process of closing the votes. There are a host of other features built into Izivote

Beyond the features built into Izivote, Izivote is changing the way online voting is done, maintaining integrity and suspence, giving organisers a headstart on their awards making voting easy and given deserving individuals a chance to be recognised.

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